What is Refined?

Refined is a personal styling company based in Raleigh, North Carolina, providing both in-person and virtual services. We specialize in helping our clients to refine their personal style. More than showing you how to dress, Refined teaches you how to discover and develop your own unique image.

Owner Theresa Jean is experienced in working with individuals from various cultural backgrounds, professions, ages, budgets, gender identities, and ethnicities.

Investing in a Refined package will save you time and money by helping you to streamline your shopping strategy, as well as maximizing the potential of the clothes you already own. You'll reduce the time you spend each day choosing an outfit, as well as avoid unnecessary spending.

Refined Closet Audit

A great starting point for those who always find themselves saying, "I have nothing to wear!" We'll overhaul your closet, and create new looks with clothes you already own.

Refined Shop ‘til You Drop

If you're looking for something new, or need to fill in some gaps in your wardrobe, let's go shopping. You'll learn how and what to shop for in order to achieve the ultimate effortless wardrobe.

Professional Photo Styling

Shooting website images, magazine photos, ad campaigns, or videos? Refined offers professional photo and video styling. Contact Refined for details and pricing.

What Do you get with Refined?

Style Resources and Updates

As a Refined client you'll receive access to dozens of virtual resources to help guide your style development, beyond your one-on-one session.

Follow-Up Support

All of our packages include virtual follow-up mini styling sessions for whenever you need a little extra help.


You are guaranteed to walk away feeling refreshed and inspired. With Refined you'll find the confidence that comes with looking and feeling your best.

“Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.”

– Vivienne Westwood

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Refined personal styling and image consulting service is owned by writer, designer, and stylist Theresa Jean. Theresa’s background transcends the full spectrum of the fashion industry; from sewing and design, to retail styling, to fashion writing. She has spent years studying designers, fashion history, pattern making, trend forecasting, and international/cultural style, developing an extensive knowledge of fabrics, prints, and designs.

Theresa has worked with men and women from all over the world. Her natural eye for shapes, colors, and designs, combined with her extensive experience and education give Theresa a unique approach to styling.

Along with writing for fashion bloggers, designers, and style websites, she has also partnered with other image consultants to style photo shoots for corporate events and ad campaigns. Experienced in providing one-on-one styling and personal shopping services, Theresa founded Refined with the hope of educating and empowering others to discover and develop their personal sense of style.


"I reached out to Theresa to find a style that would work for me on a trip to Brazil I took for vacation. She worked with me virtually and understood what I was looking for. Theresa was prompt and thorough with her recommendations. She put together a look book that made it simple for me to mix and match the items that would look great on me. I purchased the items and they did all look great on me and I received many compliments on my trip to Brazil."

Sanders G.

"Omg what can I say about Theresa?! She is amazing and has boosted my confidence in myself through the roof! I’m a trans woman and she has already helped me discover myself through clothes. Before meeting her I was stuck in my transition at a point where I wasn’t moving forward because I wasn’t confident in my clothes or being able to find any that worked for me. Since working with her I am finally out 100 percent to everyone I know and living my best life. She gets to know you and your personality and takes that to design a wardrobe for you that is just spot on to what you know you’ve always wanted but were unable to to figure out. Everything she has shown to me actually speaks to me and I see myself in each piece. She is just flat out AMAZING and I recommend her to anyone and everyone!"

Maggie H.

"Theresa has a gift for helping people see what is right in from of them! I am 65 years old and was very hesitant to reach out for help... After a morning of great fun and creative rearranging she managed to leave me with over 20 outfits I loved, complete with shoes and accessories! I don't know how she does it, but I now approach my closet with a touch of magic, as opposed to a bolt of dread!"

Emily M.

"Theresa has been amazing to work with. She has helped me move out of my comfort zone and try new things. She has helped me build up my wardrobe and shown me how to mix and match new items to feel more put together. She is fun to work with and very talented. She has been a blessing for me. I do not understand how she so quickly finds items for my body type, that I never would have tried, but I end up loving! I highly recommend her services."

Lynne C.

"I worked with Theresa virtually with a very short turnaround period of 2 weeks (and she delivered in 1 week !). I was doubtful that virtual styling would work, but the framework that Theresa has set up is practical and delivers same results as any in person service would do. The pricing was great. As for service, Theresa has an amazing eye and is creative, yet practical. She was aligned to my needs and kept checking with me frequently so as to stay in sync with my needs. I now have access to multiple options in wardrobe and I am set for at least a few years! Thank you Theresa."

Sahil S.

"I contacted Theresa to help me style my engagement photos. She recommended a One Time styling session. She picked outfits we already owned and would have NEVER tried. I'm so happy with my photos, and plan to use her services again."

Francesca S.

"Theresa is amazing, fun, and professional! She listens to you and helps you explore outside your comfort zone! I was absolutely thrilled with the outcome! I highly recommend her services!"

Jamie A.

"Theresa helped me figure out attire for a friend’s wedding. I only had a week to get clothes together and she was able to work quickly for me. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to wear but I gave her my general idea and she gave me many options. After I reviewed the options she gave me, she was able to refine the options even more to my liking. Ultimately, Theresa helped me pick a final outfit for the wedding that allows me to feel stylish and confident. I am more than happy with her service and would absolutely recommend her to anyone! Thanks!"

Anthony B.

"I hired Theresa for a closet audit. She did a wonderful job of helping me find new life for some pieces I thought I needed to get rid of and making me comfortable letting go of pieces which no longer worked for me. Despite filling two bags full of clothes to let go of, she helped me identify over twenty new outfits. The process was fun and efficient."

Susan R.

"She opened my eyes the the vast number of options my closet already contained. Consulting with Theresa has already saved me a couple shopping trips. This is an investment you absolutely will not regret!"

Erin P.

"So easy and kind to work with! Took what I had and my thoughts and made it into something to help my wardrobe. She stayed right in my budget, she found multiple items and outfits that I will wear multiple times. Very punctual, and professional through whole experience."

Kathryn E.

"Theresa was patient, kind and creative with what I thought was a pretty boring wardrobe! She quickly picked up on my style and taste and put together multiple outfits with ease. She also created a fun but practical shopping list to fill in missing key items. I can't wait for another session with her!"

Martha P.

"Theresa was amazing to work with! She made me feel comfortable and was able to capture and key in on my personal style. I can't thank her enough for all her help-- I highly recommend her as a stylist!"

Maggie A.

"Theresa is awesome. I was looking to up my personal style and she was the exact person I was looking for. She was patient in working with me in order to figure out exactly the type of image I was going for and take my thoughts and translate them into actual fashion and actual outfits. She put together an awesome shopping list for me that ended up being exactly what I needed and was exactly what I was looking for. I would 100% recommend her and would definitely (and plan to!) work with her again."

Chris R.
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