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Style Success Program – Online Style Course

Throughout this course you'll learn how to:

  • Define your unique style.
  • Set your fashion goals & start approaching your wardrobe with a new perspective.
  • Clean out your closet. Gain valuable tools to help you eliminate clutter and start thinking critically about the clothing you have.
  • Start shopping effectively and stop wasting money!
  • Stay organized, maintain a flawless wardrobe, and continue to evolve your style for years to come.

Course Curriculum

Week One: Uncovering Your Personal Style
Welcome to week one of Refined’s Style Success Program. Week One: Uncovering Your Personal Style is designed to help you identify your own unique sense of style. You may struggle to find your style and feel confident trying something new. You may be beginning a brand new chapter in your life, and want your style to match. No matter what your reason for joining the Style Success Program, in week one you’ll develop a foundation of skills to make stylish choices. You'll learn about the impact of your clothing on your life, as well as understand how to dress for your lifestyle, body, and personality.

  • Initial Self Assessment
  • What is style?
  • Sourcing Inspiration
  • Getting Real
  • Building Confidence

Week Two: Inside Your Closet
Welcome to week two of Refined’s Style Success Program. Week Two: Inside your Closet is designed to upgrade your closet into a more streamlined, functional, and stylish place. So many of us waste too much time staring at our clothes having no idea what to wear. In this week's lesson you'll learn how to perform your own closet audit and how to rediscover the clothing you own. Instead of a space of confusion and chaos, you'll learn how to transform your closet feel like a place of endless styling possibilities.

Week Three: Smart Shopping
Welcome to week three of Refined’s Style Success Program. Week Three: Smart Shopping is going to be your guide to building a truly functional, fashionable, and long-lasting wardrobe. As you continue on your fashion journey, both this week and into the future, how you shop will determine how you dress and ultimately, how you look and feel. Week Three is designed to help you make smart decisions when you shop, so you continue to love your clothing and your style for years to come. You'll also learn techniques to avoid making wasteful decisions, saving you both time and money.

Week Four: Fashion Forward
Welcome to week four of Refined’s Style Success Program: Fashion Forward. As you made your way through this program, you've learned more about how your style affects your life, you've cleaned out your closet, and hopefully made some valuable and well-thought-out contributions to your wardrobe. By this point you are likely feeling pretty confident about your new style and how to execute it. In this final week of the Style Success Program, you'll learn how to make your progress last. Take your new style knowledge out into the real world, and keep the momentum going.

Student Ratings & Reviews

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2 months ago
Lots of great information on just about every fashion topic. I learned a lot!
2 years ago
I really enjoyed this course. I learned much more than I thought I would. Even though my style is simple, I learned a lot about taking care of my clothes and that is important to me because I have a small budget and like nice quality clothes. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone, Well worth the cost

Material Includes

  • Style Inspo Finder Tool
  • Flattering Your Figure Style Guide
  • Closet Audit Cleanout Flowchart
  • SOSC Method Closet Organization Guide
  • Fabric and Textiles Guide
  • Fashion Dictionary
  • Shop Database
  • Splurge vs Save Quiz
  • Guide to Undergarments
  • Before You Shop Workbook
  • Accessories Guide
  • and more...

Target Audience

  • This online style course is specifically designed for the ladies, and is applicable to women of all ages.
  • **Stay tuned for the upcoming men's Style Success Program.

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