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Style Success Program

Throughout this course you'll learn how to:

  • Define your unique style.
  • Set your fashion goals & start approaching your wardrobe with a new perspective.
  • Clean out your closet. Gain valuable tools to help you eliminate clutter and start thinking critically about the clothing you have.
  • Start shopping effectively and stop wasting money!
  • Stay organized, maintain a flawless wardrobe, and continue to evolve your style for years to come.

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1 month ago
I really enjoyed this course. I learned much more than I thought I would. Even though my style is simple, I learned a lot about taking care of my clothes and that is important to me because I have a small budget and like nice quality clothes. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone, Well worth the cost

Material Includes

  • Style Inspo Finder Tool
  • Flattering Your Figure Style Guide
  • Closet Audit Cleanout Flowchart
  • SOSC Method Closet Organization Guide
  • Fabric and Textiles Guide
  • Fashion Dictionary
  • Shop Database
  • Splurge vs Save Quiz
  • Guide to Undergarments
  • Before You Shop Workbook
  • Accessories Guide
  • and more...

Target Audience

  • This course is specifically designed for the ladies, and is applicable to women of all ages.
  • **Stay tuned for the upcoming men's Style Success Program.

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